About "Do IT For Me" Tech Community

“Do IT For Me” Tech started as a company to help manage the backed IT services for the DIFM Group. This was to provide the helping hand to businesses in Finance and insurance industry mainly.

A few months into the handling of this, the Founder of Do IT For Me (DIFM Group), Mr. Sitanshu Srivastava turned over a new leaf and started creating brands and businesses which would focus on helping people worldwide. Being the philanthropist, he is he decided to create brands like World Model Hunt, Employ Woman, BragSocial, WMH India, etc.

DIFM Turned from a company to an online community where people can find answers to their tech problems, after the realization that how tough, it is for people to keep their small business running especially during COVID -19 pandemic. Most businesses which had never seen the face of technology were now running online and a most companies were charging huge amounts to help them with such a service.

At DIFM.Tech we aim to provide the knowledge and the consultation, we aim to provide the people with low-cost web/online services.

The idea behind DIFM to become a tech community is to provide people with a solution, a platform where they can learn for free and review the implementations on other small business owners across the world. This will not only help a lot of people survive but also ensure the right kind of knowledge imparted to people.  “

In 1946, a very controversial comment came from the theoretical physicist, widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest physicists of all time, Albert Einstein. He said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” 75 years later we still are struggling to not be on the fence for his statement.

DIFM focuses on building a community which has the right balance of humanity to help people in need and providing them with the technology that we all need, the ethical technology. The right way to do things. The surety of results through the efforts we all put in and the clarity of thoughts and our own goals.

We employ a success path within our team where we have mentors providing businesses the right kind of knowledge all over the world. Our webinars conducted are the most appreciated ones, where we do not waste time selling you a plan or making you rich in one night, but we help you build your business from scratch.

Brands & Partners

Everything that Do IT For Me created and helped grow..!

DIFM.Tech has partnered with a lot of companies who have helped us to a point where we do not worry about the money required to impart the right knowledge to all small business owners globally. Here are some of our brands we created and partners who have helped us grow.

Our Team

Everyone that makes Do IT For Me an outstanding company.

“Be proud of your knowledge, only if you have all of it…!”

– Sitanshu Srivastava.
Founder Do It For Me.

Sitanshu Srivastava


“Behind every Successful Story, there are tons of failures that don’t count.”

– Sitanshu Srivastava.
Founder Do It For Me.

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